Salam-UK Band
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The Band

Guitar - Lute - Vocals
The founder of the band. He believes that music is a message to be used to promote the goodness and positive values amongst humanity. He has had a long and successful history as a musician both in Egypt and the UK. He has joined and formed many music groups such as Black Stars, Engeleka and Salam UK Band.

Chris Firth

Bass Guitar

Chris is interested in all types of music and always has been. He was attracted to eastern music from two sources at round about the same time – the poetry and songs of 'Best of Eastern Dance' CD bought in a charity shop in Scarborough. Suspecting it would have some fantastic rhythms and tunes, he was not disappointed and has devoured ‘eastern’ music ever since. Apart from playing bass with the Salam UK Band Chris writes fiction and poetry and is a teacher of English.


Sam Stelling

Percussion / Keyboard
Having travelled for 10 years, Sam has developed a passion for world music. She has been playing hand drums since then and facilitated community groups in the North-East for a long time. Originally a pianist, she still enjoys going back to her roots, particularly when songwriting.

Lesley Wood


Lesley is crucial member of Salam UK Band. She plays with many drumming groups in Teesside. Leslie is always searching out new challenges in music, resulting  in her emerging  talents in different instruments.
Lesley  believes in the positive power  that  music can promote. She is a meditation and yoga teacher and has her own classes in North Yorkshire / Teesside.


Les Bulman

Saxophone / Percussion
New to the music scene as I only took up the Saxaphone in my late forties. Its now part of my life and music has come to mean so much more to me than listening to a CD or the radio. Playing with a band, practising, striving for improvement, have all served to bring the opportunity to learn and grow. Thoroughly enjoying the experience and influence of music.

Cheryl Baines

Cajon / Percussion
Has experience of an array of drumming styles such as African Djembe, Cajon and Samba. Is a member of Teesvalley World Drummers, Stockton Rhythm Train & EE by Drum. Cheryl believes that drumming allows for raw expressive rhythm.